I'm Vanny, born on October 22-1995. I'm just a girl who loves fashion and photography and I want to express myself  and my thoughts through this blog. I finished school in 2013 and I'm currently working in retail in a shoe store, but a big dream for me is to work in the photo industry or graphic design. 

I may describe myself as a dreamer and a free spirit and someone who doesn't want to adapt to something, because I never really cared about rules, may it be fashion rules nor some rules in life. I can be the happiest person, when I feel free and can be myself and forget about the world like when I'm traveling or going on a roadtrip. 

"The best freedom is being yourself." - Jim Morrison

Talking about my love for music, I'm am a huge fan of rock, metal and psychedelic music, mostly old school from the 60s to the 90s, those were the greatest decades in music in my oppinion, which is all a big influence in my fashion taste and style. For me music it is also one of the biggest sources for inspiration as well as nature, Tumblr and Instagram. 

"Fashion is about something, that comes from within you." - Ralph Lauren 

The reason why I started blogging in January this year, is that I got really inspired by reading other blogs and I always was crazy about fashion in general. When I was little I used to look through my mums fashion magazines and I loved to play dress-up. I even wanted to become a model one day, but that didn't happen of course, so I thought why not start a blog and share my personal looks and style with other people since I wanted to be a part of the fashion industry in some way? 

And the other thing why I started blogging, is because I really enjoy photography for about a year now, when I got my first real DSLR-Camera from my Dad. I get constantly inspired by checking out different accounts on Instagram and scrolling through Tumblr. 

If someone would ask me to describe my style, I would say it is a mix of Boho with a lot of Grunge elements, because I love the psychedelic era and the 80s with it's Glam Metal and Classic Heavy Metal. I love everything old and vintage in general, which is pretty recognizable in my looks. But the most important of it all for me, is to keep every outfit edgy and that I only wear clothes that I really like. 

So if you can recognize yourself in a few of my words and are a fan of Bohemian and edgy fashion, this blog is the right thing for you. I will also share a lot of my photograhy with you and tag you along my journeys and adventures. So why not keep in touch with this blog? ;)

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